The e-Civeles project pursues the design of an online game that suits the participants’ development of a logical-thinking process, that is, it will not only seek the learning of culture but it will also pay attention to the cognitive and metacognitive aspects, to communication, to the development of rules and values, to feelings and emotions (with special consideration to the value of difference and cooperation), and to action, understood as the transformation of society. The game will promote cooperation instead of competitiveness and will offer the opportunity to know, to value and to increase the knowledge on the European cultural heritage.

The core of our online games will be the implementation of four historical city centres, where the players will have to orientate themselves through the streets and squares in downtown in order to find the main monuments. Players will be able to learn about the historical timeline of the city, facing different mini-games and solving a final trial before traveling to the next country.

These games will be easily available in our e-learning platform, where other important materials will be also found, such as a data base with already existing games from all the countries participating in the project, a user’s guide and a handbook, including a training programme, among others.

The cities to visit through these video games will be: Evora (Portugal), Antequera (Málaga, Spain), Udine (Italy) and Velenje (Slovenia).

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